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I'm Anti Hustle this Christmas

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I saw a tweet today. It’s here but in case it goes missing, it said this:

Whatever you’re hustling for, take note: most people/companies are shut down until ‘18. That means you get 2 extra weeks to outwork your competition. That’s 3.8% more time. For perspective: Usain Bolt won his gold medals running 1.2% faster. These 2 weeks are a gift. Get to work.

This was tweeted by a man who was senior at Twitter. Senior at Ticketmaster. He’s well known and well followed.

He also talks complete nonsense. Or at least he does in this instance.

I couldn’t agree less with the comment. I hate the idea of ‘hustle’ anyway but even more so at Christmas. We’ll be growing our Shopify agency in 2018 by doing good projects for good clients delivered by good people.

And those people will be rested and fresh from our Christmas shutdown.

Go be with loved ones. Your hustle can wait.