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Keeping the Digital door locked

Word Count: 148

One of the reasons for having somewhere to call my own on the web was to play around with different stuff that the Digital team at the agency won’t let me near anymore (quite rightly).

I’d quickly put this site together just to get it live and then spent some time exploring things that means I can continue to learn. I can’t advocate “MVP” to clients and then not follow my own advice, right?

One of the tests was to run the site through https://securityheaders.io/.

I initially got an E.

And then I started digging

I soon found myself in a browser full of open tabs with configuration files and blog posts.

I lost a couple of hours reading and learning the report results from https://securityheaders.io/. I’m from an Apache background so playing with nginx was new for me.

The advice after all of this?

Never stop learning.