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Reading List #1

Word Count: 195

I’ve decided one way of encouraging me to blog more often is to share articles I’ve read and enjoyed. I’ll do this weekly (hopefully).

No guarantees on topic — the only guarantee being that I’ve read the articles and enjoyed them.

Right, on with this weeks links.

A techie’s rough guide to GDPR

Written by Cennydd Bowles, it’s an interesting insight into the GDPR changes that are just around the corner.

A techie’s rough guide to GDPR

Recreating the Medium layout with CSS Grid

Good insight into some of the ways CSS Grid can be applied to modern websites. No doubt we’ll see the technique in Shopify themes soon.

CSS Size? Medium

Out of stock?

A post by one of the team at Strawberry, George. If you run a Shopify store, it’s worth a read.

Converting customers even when you’ve sold out

Get up and running with Hugo.

Hugo powers this very site. This article gives an insight into how easy it is to use.

Hugo CMS

Maybe later

A new style pop-up (stop groaning).

Increase engagement and reduce user frustration in your Shopify stores?

F**k, yes!

This made me laugh. ‘Get involved ya dickheads’.