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Shopify Plus or Magento?

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I was recently sent a link to a blog post by Paul Rogers. The blog post compares Magento 2 against Shopify Plus. It’s in depth and detailed but in areas, I thought the original lost balance and had a few clumsily worded sentences which meant Shopify Plus came off slightly unfairly.

Normally, I’d do nothing other than have a whinge internally but this post was being widely shared.

I wrote a full post out as a response piece to Paul and shared it with him directly. He responded and we agreed that a full blog post response wasn’t needed as Paul intended to make some changes based on my observations. He’s since updated his post.

So do I agree with the piece now?

Not entirely but my major disagreements have been worked into the revised piece. Paul kindly makes note of the fact that Paul and I spoke at the bottom of his post and links to Strawberry. That was nice of him and wasn’t asked for by me! Paul has been brilliant to deal with and clearly knows his stuff.

Are you going to do a Magento v. Shopify Plus post?

No. In all honesty, it’s been done to death and Paul’s version is well linked to and well referenced. I’m happy to add my name to that list given the recent revisions.

I’ve another post on Shopify Plus in draft though…

Watch this space.